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"A"-litter 3.12.2009

Amal Salang Al Baradey (platinum & black mask)
Amal Salang Alishah (platinum & black mask)
Amal Salang Ali-Baba (platinum & black mask)
Amal Salang Aktush (creame)
Amal Salang Alsu (platinum & black mask)
CH Kabik's The Mandate CH Polo's In The Air Tonite Kabik's My Nite N Shiny Armer CH Kabik's The Front Runner Kabik`s the Challenger
Kabik`s Ariel
CH Solitaire Indian Silk Pahlavi Puttin `On the Ritz
Solitaire`s Majic at Midnight
Kabik's Cash and Carry CH Seistan's Makin' A Killin' CH Jarog's Heart Breaker
CH Atavi Seradrift
CH Kabik's Up Tempo Kabik`s Up Front
Kabik`s Image of Sterling
CH Kabik's Spring Frost CH Seistan's Makin' A Killin' CH Jarog's Heart Breaker Jorogz` Tar Devil
Jorogz` Sweet Heart
CH Atavi Seradrift Persia`s Sandrift
Palregan`s Fancy Blue
CH Gengala Trends Aboukir High Priority Kabik`s the Candidate
Aboukir Brazen Sooty
Gengala Strike A Light Taj Mahal Thunder Down Under
Gengala When Your Hot
CH Sunny Side Amalgama CH Gold'N Copper Whose Deal Is It CH Gengala Double Dealer CH Taejon Moon Shadow Kabik`s Limelite of Aries
Taejon Paper Moon
CH Gengala Lawen Order Kabik`s Limelite of Aries
Aries Blonds Havmor Fun
Gold'N Copper Who's That Girl CH Enroh Quom Inxs Quom Starspangl`d Banner
Sanshez Supa Centafold
Gengala Back to the Future Kabik`s Limelite of Aries
Xebec Chrissy`s Gift
CH Gold'N Copper Sunny Side Araki Ghostbuster at Altside CH Fabelhaft As if By Majic to Freecloud Tifarah`s Hi flying Victory
Applause Majic Show
Metewand Pasadena of Araki
Trinity`s Backdraft Paladin to Freecloud
Metewand Omeme
Gold'N Copper Delvish Bitch CH New Fashion Master Mind
Pazada the Ritz
Gengala Strike A Light
Xenopho Midnight Blue Kelzarki Blue Spruce
Xenopho San Fransisco